LISTEN: Dick Morris Compares Dem Biden Nomination to “a Suicide March”

Appearing on “the cats roundtable” radio show, former Clinton adviser Dick Morris compared Democrats nominating Joe Biden to a “suicide march.”

Morris even predicted some Democrats may “write in” Governor Andrew Cuomo instead.

Dick Morris:

It’s hard to see. It’s like a suicide march with them. But, you know, they’re pretty stubborn people. I think we have to understand this whole situation is very much in Trump’s political advantage.

The country will need one thing: To get its economy moving again. And that’s what Trump is good at. That’s what Trump has done. It’s like your house burns down, and who do you choose to rebuild the house?

The guy who built it the first time and you loved it, or an architect you have no confidence in, you’ve never worked with before? That’s going to be an enormous advantage for Trump as we move into the election.


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