Lisa Page Claims Vindication on Twitter After Release of IG Report

After the release of the IG report, infamous former FBI Lawyer Lisa Page took to Twitter to claim vindication.

Page had come out into the public on December 1st declaring “I’m done being quiet.”

Page tweeted:

For those following along:

After two IG investigations;

At least a dozen IG lawyers and investigators poring over every text, email, and note I ever wrote;

1000 pages of investigative findings;

And the President repeatedly accusing me of bias and treason; /1

The sum total of findings by IG Horowitz that my personal opinions had any bearing on the course of either the Clinton or Russia investigations? Zero and Zero.

Cool, cool. /end

The reaction was mixed and as you might expect largely divided along partisan lines.

Some of Lisa Page’s supporters suggest she take legal action against President Trump.

David Weissman replied to Page “America is behind you.”

Will Finchman replied “Pete Strzok’s wife isn’t.”

A few others also brought up Page’s infidelity.

JM Rapture replied “Mr. Durham disagrees.”

U.S. Attorney Durham is conducting his own wide ranging investigation of the Russia probe origins and has announced he disagrees with the IG report conclusions. It is unknown what Durham specifically thinks about Lisa Page.

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