Lisa Page Blasted on Twitter After Claiming “There Was No Insurance Policy”

Former FBI lawyer made waves on Twitter Saturday after claiming “There was no insurance policy” in a tweet she claimed represented #2019in5words.

In August 15, 2016 her then married lover Peter Strzok made direct reference to an insurance policy.

This of course did not stop Lisa Page from making the claim that the insurance policy they directly referred to doesn’t exist.

Lisa Page’s tweet has been favorited over 20k times and has nearly 14k people talkin.

Leslie McAdoo Gordon wrote:

Then why did Strzok text you it was “like an insurance policy?”

Jack Posobiec replied:

You lied to the FISA court

Many others chimed in as well.

51 violations in ONE FISA. Absolutely no excuse.

I fixed it for you:
You’re a lying, treasonous homewrecker

We know what you guys did. The only ones who don’t are the folks that just watch @maddow and @donlemon. The rest of us are fully up to speed. Right @benjaminwittes?

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