Lions Decide to Pass on Kaepernick Even After Losing Starting QB to Injury

After his rescheduled “workout” Colin Kaepernick declared that the “ball is in their court” referring to NFL teams and owners.

Now it appears that with the ball, owners have decided to NOT hire Colin Kaepernick.

Colin Kaepernick has received zero offers so far, despite teams having needs at the QB position.

The Lions recently lost their starter Matthew Stafford but have opted to not risk the circus and media spectacle a Kaepernick offense would come with.

Breitbart reports despite suffering the loss of multiple quarterbacks, the Detroit Lions declined to sign national anthem protester Colin Kaepernick and opted to sign two younger players instead.

With starter Matthew Stafford out with a fractured back, and Jeff Driskel also on the injured reserve list, the Lions need to add at least one quarterback. But over the weekend, they picked up two. However, the Lions snubbed Colin Kaepernick despite being one of a handful of teams that sent a representative to the former 49er’s workout in Georgia last month.

Over the weekend, the Lions added to their practice squad Arizona Cardinals’ practice squad member Kyle Sloter, 25, and Joe Callahan, 26. Meanwhile, rookie David Blough started for the Lions on Thanksgiving Day, throwing for 280 yards and two touchdowns.

But the team completely ignored Kaepernick even though they sent a representative to see his workout. Still, Kaepernick did himself no favors with his two most recent acts of protest.