Lindsey Graham claims Abrams “conned” Georgia GOP into helping Biden win

Appearing on the “The Mike Gallagher Show,” Senator Lindsey Graham claims Stacy Abrams “conned” the Georgia GOP into helping Biden win.

Graham said “Stacey Abrams conned the Republican leadership in Georgia into a consent decree that basically adulterated the signature verification system, so that you’re comparing the ballot signature to the application signature.”

“They’re the same person who did the fraud,” he continued “You should be comparing the ballot signature, the envelope signature on the ballot, to a signature that existed before the application was made. She changed that.”

Earlier this week, Abrams tweeted “Victories in Georgia and around the country were driven, in no small part, by ensuring access to the ballot. Voter suppression is not done yet – and we’ve got to be vigilant as we head to Jan. 5.”

“Don’t get distracted by the drama. Watch the shadows and beware,” she added.