Lindsey Boylan blasts Cuomo after 2 more accusers step forward “Resign you disgusting monster”

Former Cuomo aide Lindsey Boylan, the first to publicly accuse him of sexual misconduct reacted as 2 more accusers have come out, bringing the total to 5.

Boylan tweeted “Resign, you disgusting monster.”

Boylan added in a follow-up tweet “Some folks have feelings. In this case, “monster” is not name calling. It’s truth telling and it is accurate. Thanks.”

Amy Brittain of the Washington Post tweeted “I’ve been a reporter for a decade now, and I don’t think I have ever heard people as fearful to speak about someone as they are about Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Former staffers described his rage & vindictiveness & said they feared he would destroy their careers.”


BREAKING: Two more former Cuomo aides accuse him of sexual misconduct