Lightfoot calls on Chicago residents to “Cancel traditional Thanksgiving plans” just days after leading packed celebration

Thursday, Democrat Chicago Mayor raised controversy by implementing a strict “stay-at-home advisory” that included “Cancel traditional Thanksgiving plans.”

Lightfoot tweeted “A Stay-at-Home Advisory for Chicago will go into effect on Monday, November 16th at 6:00am.

This advisory calls on all Chicagoans to do the following:”

– Stay home unless for essential reasons
– Stop having guests over—including family members you do not live with
– Avoid non-essential travel
– Cancel traditional Thanksgiving plans

However, just a few days earlier Lightfoot shared a video of herself at a tightly packed celebration that lacked social distancing, yelling into a bullhorn without a mask.

Several accused Lightfoot of hypocrisy.

Declan Garvey wrote “4 days after Mayor Lightfoot addressed a huge crowd (maskless) to celebrate election results, she announced a stay-at-home advisory for Chicago.

Numbers are out of control, the advisory might be smart! But needlessly hurt her credibility with this.”

He added “And she tweeted out that video herself! Not like she was caught maskless by some Project Veritas dude.”

Jerry Dunleavy wrote “This is OK but Thanksgiving isn’t? Again it’s the disgusting hypocrisy of America’s political leadership that has contributed to a lack of trust in health guidances at the exact moment that trust is needed. The Crowds Good / Crowds Bad stance depending on politics has cost lives.”

Harmeet Dhillon wrote “Whoa who is this unmasked speaker shouting into a super spreader event crowd? Someone call security!”

This is far from the first time Lightfoot has been accused of hypocrisy.

In April, she was criticized for getting a haircut herself, leading many to say she was setting a poor “social distancing” example herself.