Liberals Angered After Don Jr. Mocks Article that Defends “Sex With People With HIV”

Donald Trump Jr. responded to an article by Queerty titled “What you stand to lose by not having sex with people with HIV.”

The article concludes “Refusing to entertain the idea of dating an HIV-positive person might just mean you miss out on the love of your life.”

The article also argues using condoms and drugs that stop the spread of HIV could make sex with a HIV partner safer.

Don Jr replied to the article with the mocking comment “Well I can think of one thing.”

Popular YouTuber Mark Dice responded to Don Jr. writing “FYI, California has basically decriminalized KNOWINGLY spreading HIV, because, well, that’s Liberalism today.”

Many liberals and LGBTQ advocates were upset by Don Jr’s comments.

“Hamilton” actor Javier Munoz wrote:

Your comment is 100% part of the problem by strengthening Stigma which the entire world, the entire world, is rallying to destroy because it is literally possible, within our lifetime, to end HIV/AIDS. This ignorant drivel is all you have to offer? You’re on the wrong side.

Actor Telly Leung replied directly to Don Jr, writing “You’re a despicable person. Educate yourself, you deplorable excuse for a human being.”

Liberal journalist Laura Bassett wrote to Don Jr. “You’re just being an asshole for the sake of being an asshole.”

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