Liberal Writer Says She’s “Devastated” Melania’s Christmas Decor Looks So Good

Liberal writer Leah Carroll, actually took the time to write an article for Refinery29 about being “devastated” that Melania Trump’s Christmas decor look so “elegant and tasteful.”

Apparently, the writer, whose Twitter feed makes it very obvious that she is very much a progressive and anti-Trump, was chomping at the bit to attack Melania Trump and release a stream of venom by criticizing her White House Christmas decor.

Update: Carrol has now apparently deleted her Dec 2nd. tweet where she wrote “Blogged about how disappointingly tasteful Melania’s xmas decorations are this year”

Nov 13th, Carroll tweeted “thank g-d we will soon have Melania’s White House Christmas decorations to pull us through this troubling time”

In her article titled “Melania, We’re Disappointed With Your New Christmas Decorations. Hear Us Out” Carroll writes:

Melania Trump revealed the official 2019 White House holiday decorations today and — ugh! — they are pretty and only a little bit weird. After last year’s blood-icicle trees and 2017’s spooky ice queen aesthetic, my hopes were very, very high for something equally ghastly.

But a video of the first lady guiding us through the People’s House reveals a distinctly less dystopian take on the season this time around. Is the War on Christmas real? Because I feel attacked by all this bland niceness!

Everything is so elegant and tasteful! That garland of red roses on the mantel? Pure class. The white-and-gold accents? Opulence. A bit Alexis Carrington, sure — but in the best way.

Naturally, I’m devastated.

Well there you have it.

Apparently, “Trump derangement syndrome” has gotten to the point where anti-Trump liberal writers are “devastated” when a member of the Trump family is successful at anything.

Of course, Caroll could not finish her piece without unleashing a few sentences of venom on Melania despite her appreciation for this years Christmas decor, writing:

No matter how safe Melania decided to play it this year, I take comfort in my belief that she has an inner Hieronymus Bosch just itching to evoke the hellish journey of the Trump administration through topiary. It’s the most magical time of the year, Melania: Don’t let a little thing like impeachment steal your (or my) joy.

The top ranked comments on the article posted on Yahoo speaks volumes.
As you can see, they all compliment Melania for her beautiful Christmas decorations without the need for the hateful snark.

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