Liberal Pundit Says Post-Debate “Dems are in Bad Shape”

Liberal pundit Tariq Nasheed went off on a tweet story after tonight’s debate and argued Democrats “are in bad shape.”

This was his twitter rant. 

Based on the the dems are in bad shape. The level of contempt for their most loyal base (Black Americans) is going to be the reason why Trump is re-elected. They think we are bulls**ting about our reparations, and we are NOT.

The benign neglect policy that the democrats have used to undermine Black Americans for the last 50 years will no longer be tolerated. If Black Americans do NOT get reparations, we simply won’t vote for them. What the hell do we have to lose NOT voting for them?

Not only are the ignoring Black issues, they are actually prioritizing policies that are extremely detrimental to Black Americans. The main two are immigration & white LGBT issues (cont)

Immigration issues undermine Foundational Black Americans, because different groups of people are allowed to come to the US and bring their own brand of anti-Black hostilities and compound that with the anti-Black hatred of white supremacist society. (cont)

When immigrants are allowed over they are usually placed in positions where Black communities provide the economic base for these immigrant communities. After Black people build up these other groups economically, oftentimes they turn on Black Americans

Also the are using policies that were specifically designed for Black Americans like 14th amendment and the 1964 civil rights act, to neglect Black Americans and prioritize protections for the white LGBT community OVER Black ppl INCLUDING Black LGBT (hi Ed Buck)