Liberal Mega-Donors Plan to Invest Over $100M in Swing States to Defeat Trump

According to new reports, prominent liberal donor group Democracy Alliance is planning a $100 million-dollar investment in swing states in a coordinated effort to bring about the defeat of President Donald Trump in the upcoming election.

The group plans to use the funding for training purposes, as well as various forms of social media engagement ahead of the 2020 election.

Democracy Alliance has been linked to other left-wing organizations, including the Center for American Progress and Media Matters.

From The Hill:

A top group of liberal donors has reportedly said that it is prepared to invest $100 million in swing states in an attempt to defeat President Trump in 2020. 

Democracy Alliance said it wants to put the funds toward fighting disinformation on social media and training candidates, among other causes, Politico reported Sunday, citing the a three-year spending plan.

“We have to be working at the state level and we have to be funding organizations in the grassroots,” Democracy Alliance President Gara LaMarche told the news outlet.

The group will reportedly fund “programs that listen to voters’ concerns and amplify the policy records — and harm — that the Trump administration and conservatives have caused in Americans’ lives.”

It plans to spend $5 million on digital in 2019 in addition to the $100 million at the state level, Politico noted.

“We view our job, generally, as helping to build the infrastructure that is in place for an eventual nominee,” LaMarche said. “But we’re not doing our job well if we don’t have our eye on the long term.”

The group in the past has focused on funding organizations including the Center for American Progress think tank and left-wing media watchdog Media Matters, but will shift its focus away from them in the future, according to Politico.

Democracy Alliance could not be reached for comment by The Hill Sunday as the email function on its website was not working.