Liberal Media Reacts to Savage Beating of Conservative Journalist by Antifa

Mainstream media pundits reacted to the weekend clashes in Portland, Oregon, leading to the brutal assault of conservative photojournalist Andy Ngo, who was viciously beaten and pelted with objects by the left-wing protest group Antifa.

In response to the assault on Ngo, several pundits suggested the conservative journalist “antagonized” the group into attacking him, implying that the group had been goaded into the attack.

Saturday’s violent protests saw at least three individuals hospitalized, and several more arrested, and drew condemnation from Republicans who allege Portland’s city officials are not doing enough to quell the violence.

From The Daily Caller:

Several media pundits dismissed reports of a conservative journalist’s attack during a rally Saturday in Portland, Oregon.

Alheli Picazo was one of several media talking heads who appeared to partially blame Quillette editor Andy Ngo after he was assaulted during a street protest. Ngo’s past record of antagonizing activists played a role in his attack, she wrote in a tweet Saturday.

“Andy Ngo is someone who antagonizes those he knows will react in a disproportionate way and this exact outcome was inevitable. Everyone knew it,” Picazo told her followers before noting that Antifa’s members are ultimately responsible for their actions.

She also lamented that the incident could tarnish the group’s image

“If/when shit like this is used to paint an entire movement or side as wholly violent, be sure to pat the aggressors here on the back,” Picazo said in a follow-up tweet.

Footage of the attack shows a group of masked protesters swarming Ngo, punching him, and pouring milkshakes over him. He reportedly sustained serious injuries.

Other pundits had similar reactions. Nathan Bernard, a co-founder of Bernard Media, for one, appeared to congratulate Ngo for fulfilling his “wish of being milkshaked.”

“After relentlessly baiting and harassing antifa, far-right provocateur Andy Ngo finally got his wish of being milkshaked. Far-right simpletons like Tim Pool will milk this “victim” story for the next week at least,” Bernard said in a tweet Saturday night as the incident unfolded.

CNN’s Brian Stelter had a different reaction, writing on Twitter Saturday that authorities should get to “the bottom of this.” Antifa should not be “attacking a messenger,” he added.

New York Times writer Charlie Warzel also chimed in on Antifa’s actions.

“This is whole event should be seen through the context of what it is … an information war. A number of people who go to these protests are looking for fights or to document them. they’re all livestreaming. When tensions boil over, it’s meant to be ammunition for a culture war,” Warzel wrote in a Saturday tweet.

He added: “[I]t’s not ‘both sides-ing’ to note that both parties…& many of the ppl who cover them (journalists, provacateurs, activists) know what’s going on. They know the risks & they know how it can be weaponized. Which is why talking about this like it’s a 20th century protest is stupid.”