Liberal Media Pundits Vent After Getting Scolded By Surgeon General Jerome Adams

Saturday, Surgeon General Jerome Adams fired back at media critics of the Trump coronavirus response.

Adams called for “no more more partisanship…no more finger-pointing or criticism” and called for “less stories looking at what happened in the past.”


Of course, members of the liberal media took offense to Adams scolding them and vented on social media.

Joy Reid wrote:

Um… did the Surgeon General just tell US to take coronavirus seriously (has he met his boss??) and did he just order Americans not to criticize the president?

Yashar Ali wrote:

Someone tell the Surgeon General that it is not his place to talk about bickering or partisanship from the White House podium.

His job is to talk about matters of public health.


Quite a prescription from the surgeon general. Reporters are reporting after a series of mess ups by the government in their response to the coronavirus.

The surgeon general is giving journalists “straight talk from the nation’s doctor” and instructing the press to have “no more bickering, no more partisanship, no more criticism or finger-pointing” in news coverage.

He did not mention the president’s twitter feed.

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