Liberal Democrat Leader in UK Fasting for Ramadan in Solidarity With Muslims

Breitbart reports Sir Edward ‘Ed’ Davey, acting leader of the Liberal Democrats, has received criticism after revealing that he is fasting “for the holy month of Ramadan” in “solidarity with Muslims” affected by the coronavirus lockdown.

“It’s an early rise for me today, as I prepare for my first ever fast for the holy month of Ramadan,” said the dishevelled 54-year-old in a video message shared on social media.

“I want to show solidarity with Muslims who are in isolation during this month, and this evening there will be a Lib Dem iftar, when we have a virtual community meal together,” the MP continued. “So, Ramadan Mubarak.”

Sir Ed, who served as Energy Secretary during the former Cameron-Clegg coalition government between the Tories and the Liberal Democrats, did not win the plaudits he may have been hoping for, however, with the response to his message being overwhelmingly negative — and accusations of opportunistic “virtue-signalling” providing a common theme.

Many social media users also accused the left-liberal MP of cynical double standards, highlighting his comparative lack of “solidarity” with Christians during Lent — or any mention of the observance on his timeline at all, seemingly — or with religious minorities besides Muslims during their periods of fasting.

“Did you fast in Navratri @EdwardJDavey, the 9 sacred days for #Hindus which just concluded?” asked one user. [A]ny plans to do in [O]ctober month?”

They did not receive a response.

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