Liberal College Professor Says She’s Ready to Punch Political Rivals

According to new reports, a left-leaning college professor at Colorado State University recently claimed that she was ready to abandon peaceful debate with conservatives, and instead embrace violence.

“I’m almost done reading Michelle Obama’s Becoming, and in reading the subtext, I don’t think she even believes the whole ‘when they go low, we go high’’ b.s.,” said professor OiYan Poon.

The outspoken professor went on to add, “I’m done ‘going high,” before implying that she was ready “to ‘punch them in the neck,'” in response to a suggestion made by another social media user.

Since then, professor Poon has made her social media profile “private” to the public.

From Breitbart:

Professor OiYan Poon at Colorado State University has reportedly announced that she is done “going high” when others go low, and is now ready to “punch” those whom she disagrees with politically “in the neck.” The professor also noted that she believes former First Lady Michelle Obama would agree.

Professor OiYan Poon of Colorado State University recently said that she is done “going high,” and instead, would rather prefer to “punch” her political opponents “in the neck,” according to a report by Campus Reform. The professor has since switched her Twitter account to private, making it so that the general public is unable to access and view her tweets.

“I’m almost done reading Michelle Obama’s Becoming, and in reading the subtext, I don’t think she even believes the whole ‘when they go low, we go high’ b.s.,” tweeted Poon, who added, “I’m done ‘going high.’ [I’m ready] to ‘punch them in the neck.’”

Professor Poon’s tweet was in response to another user on Twitter, who said, “When they go low, you fucking punch them in the neck so they know you mean business. This is about power not affect.”

Poon’s “going high” comment was in reference to Michelle Obama having coined the phrase, “When they go low, we go high” at the 2016 Democrat Convention in an attempt to encourage individuals on the political left to take the high road in response to those who “go low” on the political right.

The report added that the professor had also recently expressed her dismay over activist Tanzila Ahmed getting banned from the dating app Tinder for stating that she does not date white men in her Tinder profile.

Poon praised Ahmed in a tweet, and stated that the “white patriarchy can’t handle strong brown women who choose not to date white,” according to Campus Reform.

Poon is an assistant professor at Colorado State University, teaching “higher education leadership,” as well as the director of the school’s Race and Intersectional Studies for Education Equity (RISE) Center, according to the university’s website.

Colorado State University did not respond to Breitbart News’ request for comment.