Liberal Activist Group Has Pamela Karlan on Their SCOTUS “Short List”

Liberal activist group “Demand Justice” has impeachment witness Pamela Karlan on their Supreme Court “short list.”

Karlan sparked outrage among Trump supporters by invoking the name of 13 year old Barron Trump during her testimony, later apologizing for it. 

As one indication of how anti-Trump Karlan is, she actually told a convention audience she once literally crossed the street just to avoid being near a Trump Hotel.



On their website, “Demand Justice” writes:

Trump’s judges are overwhelmingly white men, unqualified for their posts, and consistently hold extreme, right-wing views. His nominees have a record of favoring big corporations over workers. They have fought to restrict women’s access to reproductive health services and deny equal treatment to LGBTQ Americans.

To fight back, we are empowering citizens to organize around our nation’s courts and prevent them from devolving into just another tool of economic and social oppression. We wage fact-based campaigns to defend our right to bodily autonomy and to stop our courts from pursuing an agenda that further enriches the wealthy and corporations at the expense of everyday Americans.

Fox News reports a former Hillary Clinton aide’s organization has promoted Pamela Karlan — the Stanford professor who referenced the president’s son during an impeachment hearing this week — as a possible Democratic choice for the Supreme Court nominee, raising more questions about Karlan’s impartiality while testifying during the on-going impeachment inquiry.

Karlan is included in the list compiled by Demand Justice, a progressive group behind recent attack ads surrounding Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The group’s leader, Brian Fallon, previously served as press secretary for former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and has called Trump’s SCOTUS confirmations illegitimate.

Fallon’s group has been pushing Democrats to release their list of nominees and demanded that the next SCOTUS picks include representatives of academia and other fields, rather than corporate law firms.

“It’s no surprise that radical liberal Pamela Karlan is on the Demand Justice shortlist for the Supreme Court,” Judicial Crisis Network Chief Counsel Carrie Severino said in a statement to Fox News.

“Her particular brand of hateful, there-are-no-innocents political warfare defines the liberal elite today,” she said. “Sadly, she is also representative of the alarming nominees the left would put forward if they had the chance. America, take note.”

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