Levin thanks Lawyers fighting for Trump, blasts “know-nothing legal analysts” smearing them

In a series of thanksgiving day tweets, Conservative radio host Mark Levin thanked the lawyers fighting for President Trump.

He also blasted what he called the know-nothing “legal analysts” who he accused of smearing them.

Levin wrote:

1. I want to thank the lawyers, most of whom are volunteers and many of whom are being threatened, who are working tirelessly through Thanksgiving on the important challenges in key states,

2. that you are doing a tremendous job trying to expose the widespread unconstitutional and fraudulent activities that took place in this election.  These are difficult cases but they’re critical to ensure the integrity of our electoral system.

3. I also want to tell the do-nothing, know-nothing “legal analysts” and self-described “constitutional experts” working overtime on television and blogs to smear them to go to hell. You’re useless blowhards who contribute nothing to the future well-being of this republic.