Levin accuses “phony” Biden of being an “ambulance chaser” on vaccine news

In a series of tweets Monday, conservative radio host Mark Levin blasted Joe Biden, expressing his opinion that Biden is a “phony” and “ambulance chaser.”

Levin wrote:

“1. Phony Joe Biden. Joe Biden is truly an ambulance chaser.  He had nothing to do with the vaccine that is about to be made available to the public, he had nothing to do with the manufacturing process that is already underway,

2. and he had nothing to do with the distribution process that is set in place, all of which were superbly instituted by President Trump and his team.

3. So, there he is, at a podium, reading from a teleprompter, telling us how he will follow the science, how he will distribute the vaccine, etc.,

…6. In fact, all the while, when Trump and his team were doing everything possible to get vaccines and therapeutics invented and distributed, Biden was attacking them every step of the way.  But it’s just like the economy, which is springing back in a huge way.

7. Biden has trashed the unprecedented rebound, spewing the usual bromides about how only the rich benefit, etc.  Biden is not the president yet, if ever, depending how events unfold.

8. But regardless, this really takes a set of grapefruits for Biden to posture as he did today, and for the media to regurgitate it like Biden has somehow done something or accomplished something.  Biden has been AWOL, utterly irrelevant.

9. And it is nauseating watching this choreographed fiction by the guy who hid in his basement throughout the virus.”

Biden speaking on Covid-19: