“Let’s get some facts straight” Crenshaw tears apart Dem spin on failed voting rights bill

Tuesday, in a 50-50 vote along party lines, Senate Republicans blocked Democrats “For the People Act” election reform bill.

To pass the bill into debate, 60 votes were needed.

Prior to the bill failing, Rep. Dan Crenshaw fired back at how Democrats characterized the bill and topics surrounding it, along with their “spin.”

Crenshaw tweeted:

Let’s get some facts straight:

Allowing taxpayer funded political campaigns has nothing to do with “voting rights.”

Asking people to prove who they say they are with an ID is not “voter suppression.”

Making elections more secure and transparent is not “Jim Crow on steroids.”

Meanwhile, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy shared a video and wrote “These are stunning admissions from Democrats → #HR1 —their election-takeover bill—is purely about protecting their own power.”