Leslie Jones says watching Warnock, Ossoff gave her “a really deep sense of hope”

Appearing with actress and activist Alyssa Milano and Democrat Georgia candidate Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, former SNL star Leslie Jones said watching the two Democrats in runoff races gave her “a really deep sense of hope.”

Jones explained “I’m 53 years old. I’ve been through a lot of presidencies. I lost hope along the way because I was like there’s not going to be another Kennedy, there’s not going to be another Martin Luther King.”

She continued “There’s not going to be any other politician that’s going to come in and actually look like they care about the people. It just doesn’t even seem like that’s ever going to exist anymore.”

Jones then gushed “When I was watching you guys last night, I had a really deep sense of hope. I felt like, ‘Oh wow, if they get in, they’re going to fight for us.’ For a long time, I hadn’t felt that. Even when Obama got in, it was wonderful. It was a wonderful moment. But I knew Obama was going to face people who wasn’t going to let him do what he needed to do. And that’s when I started learning about Senate stuff.”