Lesko blasts Newsom over mandated “gender-neutral toy sections” says “This is government overreach!”

Sharing an article from the Wall Street Journal, Rep. Debbie Lesko blasted California Governor Newsom over mandated “gender-neutral toy sections.”

“This is government overreach!” Lesko wrote.

Per the WSJ “California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill into law earlier this month requiring retailers to have gender-neutral sections of children’s items and toys, regardless of whether the products were traditionally marketed to one specific gender. The law, which applies to California retailers with at least 500 workers, will start being enforced in 2024.”

In February, Hasbro dropped the “Mr.” in “Mr. Potato head” instead including enough potato pieces to create all types of gendered families.

WATCH: (GMA report from February 26, 2021)