Leo Terrell gives 3 reasons why he refuses to endorse any member of the Democrat party

Tuesday, Civil Rights attorney Leo Terrell delivered a warning for Democrats.

Terrell tweeted “Attention Democrats: I will not endorsed any member of your party. My reasons are:

1. You play the race card;

2. You abandoned law enforcement ; and

3. You are crazy!”

Terrell then delivered a warning to Republicans as well, writing “Attention all Republican candidates for 2022. Unless you are endorsed by President Trump. I will not support you. Period! End of Story! No Exceptions!

“P.S. I require proof!” he added.

He added in a follow up tweet “Being a registered Republican is not good enough for me to support you. Must be a Trump’s Republican. I detest RINOS and members who betrayed President Trump. For example Mitch McConnell!!!”