Lemon slammed after claiming Trump supporters will be “embarrassed” and “on the wrong side of history” over time

Tuesday, CNN host Don Lemon insisted President Trump’s supporters would be “embarrassed over time.”

“I heard some folks on your air talking about how history is going to look back on this,” Lemon said “I think a lot of people are going to be embarrassed over time when they look back to say, how did I do that? How did I fall for that? What happened to me? What was I thinking in that time? You may want to win. You may want —what do they call it?— Liberal tears, you may want all of that.”

Lemon continued “but your grandchildren and your kids will look back and say, what did grandpop do? What did dad do? What did mom do in this moment? And realize you were on the wrong side of history and that you were possibly teaching them the wrong thing.”

The hosts of “The Five” blasted Lemon for his remarks.