WATCH: Don Lemon and Cuomo mocked notion of rising crime just two weeks ago

A viral video meme tweeted by “Reagan Battalion” shows a Tuesday July 7th clip of CNN anchors Don Lemon and  Chris Cuomo mocking Republicans talking about the rise in crime across the country. In this segment Chris Cuomo appears to flippantly downplay the notion of rising crime as a “fear mongering” tactic of the right. Don Lemon suggests the notion is a ruse by saying “and the people that you saw there, by the most part…as a whole, fall for it.”

In the second part of the video is a clip of Chris Cuomo from Wednesday July 8th, a single day later In this clip, Cuomo’s tone could not be more different. This time, Cuomo is discussing the rise in crime across the nation but is dead serious and somber.

In the two weeks since, it’s become increasingly clear that the rise in crime in cities such as Chicago, is very real.

Some of the responses at the time included “Orwellian how the act” and “hypocrisy at its best.”