LeBron’s “Space Jam” Movie getting panned by critics with dismal Rotten Tomatoes Rating

LeBron James “Space Jam” Movie has a dismal critic score of only 31% on Rotten Tomatoes.

On the positive for James, 83% of the audience liked the film.

Todd Jorgenson wrote “More crass than charming, this ill-conceived reboot is so overstuffed with self-promotion – both for its star and its studio – that you practically expect QR codes to pop up in the corner of the screen.”

Alan French wrote “A New Legacy is not a disastrous film that many will claim in the coming weeks. Instead, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.”

Christopher Lloyd wrote “LeBron James continues to follow in Michael Jordan’s steps, including making a cartoonish movie that kids will adore and parents will just have to endure if they love them.”

Kevin Fallon wrote “After 25 years of looking forward to the Space Jam sequel, we instead got ugly effects, crass corporate synergy, and two hours of LeBron James learning what an algorithm is.”

Jennifer Heaton wrote “If Space Jam is a cringey encapsulation of 90s Hollywood excess, A New Legacy is the 2021 remix that will be looked on by future generations with similar derision.”

Jeremy Jahns wrote “I felt like I was watching a feature-length advertisement.”