LeBron ripped for leaving court without shaking hands after Lakers are eliminated

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James exited the arena after his team was eliminated by the Phoenix Suns in 6 games without shaking hands with the opposing team.

Many on Twitter accused LeBron of bad sportsmanship.

Clay Travis wrote “LeBron leaves the court without congratulating the Suns. Vintage move. LeBitch.”

“LeBron later signed a jersey for Booker after the game. But the point remains he left the court with five minutes left in game five and he was the only Laker who didn’t stay and congratulate the Suns after game six on the court,” he added.

Skip Bayless wrote “Can’t wait to talk about LeBron leaving the court without shaking any hands … just as he left the bench (and stench) with 5:40 left in the blowout Game 5 loss at Phoenix. That’s who he is and always has been.”

Danny Hoyt wrote on Twitter “Look. I’m a @Lakers fan & I’m ecstatic for the @Suns. Both can be true. But right now I’m more excited for the Suns than I am mad the Lakers lost. LeBron quitting & complaining at the end of multiple games, not shaking hands, walking off early…gross. Ready for post-Lebron era.”

“Embarrassing few minutes for LeBron. He stops trying as soon as game was out of reach, forcing Lakers to play 4-on-5 defense and then he walks off the court without shaking hands with anyone (unless I missed it during the timeout). Just feels like a really small time/petty move.”