LeBron James under fire after tweeting “you’re next” along with photo of police officer who shot teenager with knife

NBA star LeBron James is under fire after tweeting “YOU’RE NEXT” along with a photo of the police officer who shot and killed a teenager who police say had a knife and was about to stab a 20 year old young woman.

LeBron has apparently now deleted the tweet.

Per NBC News “Body camera video appears to show a fight when the officer arrives. Two females are in a confrontation, and one falls to the ground in front of the officer. The girl who was later shot appears to move toward another person near a car, and the officer appears to repeat, “get down” before firing four times.”

Brian Chang tweeted “Lebron needs to apologize to the officer and his lack of understanding of the situation. He just inflamed the situation and will be used as an example to discredit social justice momentum that is going on all because of that one tweet.”

Brian Dean Wright wrote:

The 50M followers of @KingJames heard him loud and clear, no matter the deletion of his horrifying tweet.

His message is clear: Mob Justice Has Arrived.

Jack Posobiec tweeted “Hi @TwitterSupport, is @KingJames
threatening a police officer an incitement of violence?”