Lawyer for House Democrats Says More Charges Against Trump “on the table, there is no doubt”

President Trump could potentially be facing more than the current two articles of impeachment against him.

A lawyer for House Democrats has told an appeals court adding additional articles “is on the table, there is no doubt.”

Regardless of the number of articles of impeachment, to remove President Trump Democrats would need 20 GOP Senators to join every Democrat Senator to vote to convict President Trump of charges.

Bloomberg reports a lawyer for House Democrats told an appeals court Friday the chamber still needs to see some of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s secret grand jury materials, even though the House impeached Trump based on events arising after the Russia probe ended.

Attorney Douglas Letter said the information on Mueller’s investigation is still relevant and may yet lead House Democrats to consider additional articles of impeachment. “That is on the table, there is no doubt,” he said.

Justice Department lawyers want the three-judge panel to overturn an October trial court ruling that granted the Judiciary Committee’s request for access. The Trump administration contends House Democrats failed to show a “particularized need” for the information, which includes redacted passages and related transcripts.

Justice Department lawyer Mark Freeman told the court that lawmakers’ need to see the Mueller material has lessened since the judge’s ruling in October because the House impeached Trump over separate conduct related to Ukraine.

“The House has adopted two articles of impeachment that don’t have anything to do with this case,” he said.

Grand jury materials are typically kept secret to protect innocent parties and ongoing investigations.

“There’s no case that comes anywhere close” to saying Congress can’t go to court to enforce its investigatory powers related to impeachment, Letter told Judge Neomi Rao, a Trump nominee. Letter said the Justice Department’s opposition to the material’s release was “astonishing.”