Lawrence O’Donnell Claims Trump “is a sociopath” and withholding money from the WHO “is illegal”

MSNBC Host Lawrence O’Donnell tweeted Friday “The president of the United States is a sociopath.”

It’s far from the first time O’Donnell has accused Trump of being a liar. O’Donnell’s current pinned tweet on Twitter is:

Trump: “When I can, I tell the truth.”

That’s a lie. @TheLastWord 10pm

O’Donnell also recently implied Trump family members don’t give back.

The MSNBC host responded to a tweet from Jane Mayer.

Mayer wrote:

So proud of my nephew, right, with his co-workers on Ridgewood Volunteer Ambulance crew in NYC. He is an EMT, a freshman at Yale, and a wonderful kid who wants to give back.

O’Donnell shared Mayer’s tweet and snidely added:

Patiently awaiting a tweet like this about a Trump family member.

Last week, O’Donnell claimed Trump withholding money to the WHO is “illegal” and that “It’s exactly what he got impeached for.”

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