Lauren Boebert to Antifa and “leftist progressives” protesting her “Get a job”

Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado, a rising social media star in the Republican party has a message for anarchists and radial leftists who are protesting her – “get a job.”

Boebert pondered in an interview with the Washington Examiner on Saturday “Maybe this is their job. Maybe they’re paid to do it.”

“You see this from extreme leftist progressives because either this is their job, either they are paid to do it, or they have nothing better to do, they’re sitting at home collecting a check, and this is their life,” she conitnued.

“I mean, I don’t have time for that,” she added. “You don’t see conservatives doing things like this because we have families to take care of, we have jobs to work at, we have communities to grow. And that’s our focus — not to destroy, but to build.”

Per the report “Her message followed a group of radical leftists who aggressively protested Colorado Christian University Centennial Institute’s Western Conservative Summit in downtown Denver on Friday night. A flyer from the Denver Communists distributed at the event read, “We want to send these worms back into their holes, demoralized and isolated.” At one point, a brawl broke out when an outsider started to film the demonstrators and one man knocked his phone out of his hand.”

“Boebert, one of the speakers at the summit, was a key target. One demonstrator wore a shirt that read, “Lauren Boebert is a f****** terrorist.” Another woman yelled for Boebert to “run and hide,” the report adds.

Boebert tweeted in response to one of her critics “I feel sorry for her cats.”