Lauren Boebert Delivers Upset In GOP Primary, Trump Congratulates Her

First time candidate Lauren Boebert delivered an upset win Tuesday evening by unseating incumbent GOP Congressman Scott Tipton in the CO-3 primary.

Boebert won by a convincing 9 point margin.

President Trump tweeted “Congratulations on a really great win!”

Boebert replied:

Thank you, Mr. President! Freedom is a great motivator!

Rep. Matt Gaetz also tweeted his congratulations, writing:

Congrats to America First Patriot @laurenboebert on the big win! The Republican Party wants fighters.

Prior to her victory, Boebert shared some of her core beliefs, tweeting:

Every person wanting to defund the police should be required to be a cop for a day.

America didn’t just happen. Our founders fought hard to create this incredible country. We’re not going to let it fall to socialists!