Laura rips U.S. Women’s Soccer Team after their anthem kneeling and 3-0 loss “their woke brands are joke brands”

Fox News host Laura Ingraham unleashed on the U.S. Women’s Soccer team after they lost to Sweden 3-0 in an upset.

Players from both teams kneeled during the national anthem in solidarity with the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Ingraham wrote “Disgraceful & ungrateful. Always all about them—their woke brands are joke brands.”

Lavern Spicer tweeted “They just lost 3-0 to Sweden. That’s what you get for kneeling to George Floyd.”

AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers tweeted “I say we keep the three patriotic ladies who are standing up and fire the other communist bums who are kneeling on the spot and rebuild the team with winners”