Laura Ingraham tweets screenshot of CNN pundits, writes “How you know Trump won the debate”

Moments ago, after the final Presidential debate between President Trump and Joe Biden, Fox News host Laura Ingraham tweeted “How you know Trump won the debate.”

Ingraham shared with her tweet a screenshot of CNN hosts looking not exactly pleased in their facial expressions.

The apparent suggestion from Ingraham is that CNN is partisan and “rooting” for Biden and not pleased with the debate result.

Actress Kirstie Alley agreed, writing “I LOVE THIS Trump! COOL CALM AND POIGNANT !! You have WON THE DEBATE!!”

Joe Concha wrote “Trump has won this debate. Watch the polls in the next 10 days if looking for affirmation. The game has changed.”

Kamala Harris disagreed and wrote “Tonight, @JoeBiden not only won the debate—he took a stand against Trump and all of the harm this administration has caused”