Laura Ingraham on far-left violence “Democrats have created a monster that escaped the lab”

Fox News reports Laura Ingraham blasted the leadership of the Democratic Party in her “Angle” monologue Wednesday night, saying they “have created a monster.”

“We told you that they saw the coronavirus as a political opportunity to exploit, not a medical issue to manage,” the “Ingraham Angle” host said. “When vote by mail and the Green New Deal recovery proposal started to resurface, it was obvious where all of this was going.

“What we didn’t realize, however, was how far they can take things,” Ingraham went on. “Welcome to the Summer of Love.”

Ingraham then turned to the Tuesday night chaos in Madison, Wis., where protesters tore down a statue of a famed abolitionist and attacked State Senator Tim Carpenter, who Ingraham described as “an extremely liberal Democrat,” for recording a demonstration.

“He was literally mugged by reality,” Ingraham said of Carpenter.

The host then turned her focus to the two most powerful national Democrats: presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“Why haven’t they come out to condemn this violence against a member of their own party?” Ingraham said, referring to the attack on Carpenter. “Why haven’t they demanded swift action to protect taxpayer property on public lands? Why aren’t reporters demanding that Biden answer specific questions about what’s happening?”

The host then turned to the activists themselves, calling them “some of the most hateful and vicious people you will ever meet.”

“Their organizers dispatch man-bun Maoists to scream obscenities at good men and women in uniform trying to keep the peace,” Ingraham said. “Then they post it on social media to recruit more skinny jeans-wearing socialist trolls.”

Ingraham concluded that Democrats had maneuvered themselves into “a de facto alliance with odious, vindictive, anti-American radicals.

“Democrats have created a monster that escaped the lab,” Ingraham said. “If we reward them with a Biden victory, what do they learn? They learn that burning it down works for what they’ve done to America and what they plan to do.”