Laura Ingraham Calls for Halt to All Immigration to the U.S. including Foreign Worker Visas

In wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Fox News host Laura Ingraham tweeted:

All immigration to the US should be halted due to this national emergency—we sure as heck don’t need any foreign workers with millions of Americans on verge of losing their jobs.

In a separate tweet, Ingraham responded to a tweet from Jessica Vaughan who wrote:

DHS Should Retract Expansion of H-2B Visa Workers. And by the way, why are we still issuing EADs to dependents of guest workers? When will the H-4EAD rule be published

Ingraham agreed and wrote “All foreign worker visas must be stopped.”

Per WashingtonTimes, last month Homeland Security indicated they were still pushing ahead with plans to import tens of thousands of foreign guest workers to fill seasonal jobs, The Washington Times has learned.

The move drew fire from advocates who say increasing H-2B visas right now is wildly insensitive, and out-of-work Americans will be able to fill the slots.

Homeland Security announced the 35,000-visa increase at the beginning of this month, before the coronavirus crisis had fully taken hold. But as of Wednesday there were no plans to reverse course, a spokesman said.

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