Latino Republican support for Trump strong in Florida 3 months into Biden’s Presidency

According to a new report from NBC News “three months into Joe Biden’s presidency, enthusiasm for his predecessor is still going strong among Latino Republicans in Florida.”

“The South Florida-based Patriotas con Trump, or Patriots with Trump, has held multiple rallies outside Mar-a-Lago, members send messages all day in their WhatsApp group, and a smaller group of 10 meet regularly to brainstorm ways to recruit more members — and help get Republicans elected in 2022. They’re also looking ahead to 2024,” the report says.

Laureano Chileuitt, the group’s leader, said “we are Republican, but what we really like is what Trump promotes.”

“That’s why we consider him our caudillo,” she continued, which is Spanish for “strongman” and has no negative connotation for him.

“We are anti-globalization and anti-communism,” he added.

Eduardo Gamarra, a Florida International University political scientist conducted a poll for a private client and said “Trump has not lost much support in this community.”