Krebs argues “clearly, the Georgia count was not manipulated” in new Wapo Op-Ed

In a new Op-ed for the Washington Post, fired head of cybersecurity Christopher Krebs doubled down on his 60 minutes interview and reiterated his belief that the “2020 election was most secure in US history.”

Krebs says “This point cannot be emphasized enough: The secretaries of state in Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada and Pennsylvania, as well officials in Wisconsin, all worked overtime to ensure there was a paper trail that could be audited or recounted by hand, independent of any allegedly hacked software or hardware.”

“Clearly, the Georgia count was not manipulated,” he argues “resoundingly debunking claims by the president and his allies about the involvement of CIA supercomputers, malicious software programs or corporate rigging aided by long-gone foreign dictators.”

Krebs appeared on 60 minutes Nov 29th where he made his case in an interview with Scott Pelley.