Klobuchar Praises “Courage” of Romney, Rips Buttigieg for Playing the “Cool Newcomer”

During last night’s Democrat party debate Amy Klobuchar praised the “courage” of Mitt Romney while blasting 2020 contender Pete Buttigieg for playing the “cool newcomer.”

The Hill reports Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) commended Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) for voting to convict President Trump before turning to slam Democratic presidential rival Pete Buttigieg for saying the impeachment trial was exhausting to watch.

“We had a moment these past few weeks, mayor, and that moment was these impeachment hearings,” Klobuchar began at the Democratic presidential debate on Friday night hosted by ABC News.

“There was a lot of courage that you saw from only a few people. There was courage from Doug Jones, our friend of Alabama who took that tough vote. There was courage from Mitt Romney, who took a very, very difficult vote,” she said to applause.

“But what you said, Pete, when you were campaigning through Iowa as three of us were jurors in that impeachment hearing, you said that it was exhausting to watch and that you wanted to turn the channel and watch cartoons,” she said. “It is easy to go after Washington because that’s a popular thing to do.”

“It is much harder to lead and much harder take those difficult positions because I think this going after every single thing that people do because it’s popular to say, it makes you look like a cool newcomer. I just don’t think that’s what people want right now,” she added.