Klobuchar on Blasey-Ford “Let us never forget what courage looks like” Now She’s Defending Biden

Senator Amy Klobuchar is currently considered a top possibility for Joe Biden’s running mate.

It’s quite stunning how differently she treated Kavanaugh’s accuser vs. Biden’s accuser.

This is what Amy Klobuchar said about Christine Blasey Ford in 2018:

“She was so graceful and so dignified, went through every question you could imagine… What she was doing was basically laying out the fact that you have so well articulated during the show, is that she actually has talked about this in the past, she said it to a therapist, her husband had remembered the name Brett Kavanaugh, she has with some detail remembered the assault. And all she’s asked is that the FBI figure out when Mark Judge was working at this Safeway when she saw him later because that would help her get the exact date.” – Sept. 27, 2018 to MSNBC‘s Rachel Maddow

Klobuchar tweeted this Sept 15, 2019.

This is what Klobuchar is saying about Tara Reade:

“[I]n this case — and your listeners should look at the story — there was a thorough review by The New York Times. And I think that’s very important to have, especially involving public figures. But I think when I look at — when I see Vice President Biden, someone I worked with, I see him on — a leader on domestic abuse — led the bill before people were even willing to talk about those horrific crimes and has really been a champion of abuses of power against women and has used his voice on the domestic abuse front in such a big way.” – April 14, 2020 to NPR

Fox News reached out to Klobuchar for comment after the “Larry King Live” video resurfaced, which occurred after the interview with NPR, but did not receive a response.