Kimberly Strassel Blasts Pelosi “She’s playing politics in a crisis”

In a series of tweets Sunday, Kimberly Strassel blasted Nancy Pelosi, accusing her of “paying politics in a crisis” and caving to the progressive wing.

Kimberly Strassel:

1) The Senate bill is bipartisan; assembled with D input from Day One. Everyone understands need for liquidity, and biz $ that get out fast and stop more layoffs. Ds’s also got plenty, from unemployment plus-ups to medical surge, to more gov $. They NOW claim not enough?

2) Pelosi’s balk is naked attempt to cadge more last-minute money. She’s playing politics in a crisis. Which is almost as bad as Elizabeth Warren suggesting this is a corporate “slush fund.” Gov shuts down economy, and Warren blames business? Toxic.

Futures down, on Democratic gamesmanship with Senate bill. To play politics now is height of irresponsibility. Pelosi owns this. Again, Ds were part of the Senate crafting—were on board. Now caving to progressive wing—again. At peril of economy.

I hope Republicans put out names of those Democratic senators who provided advice and proposals (and SUPPORT) for this bill, only to duck and run when Warren and progressive crew complained. The country deserves better leadership than that. Let’s separate wheat from chaff.

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