Kevin Bacon says ‘old white guys like me’ need to ‘shut up and listen’ amid racial tensions

Fox News reports Kevin Bacon is ready to listen.

The actor chatted virtually with late-night host Jimmy Fallon recently and spoke about the current racial tension that is rocking America following the deaths of several black people while in police custody, including George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

“It’s incredible to experience this and to go through this historically, not just the COVID-19, but clearly seeing the protests and what’s going on,” noted the 61-year-old actor. “For an old guy like me, I was born in 1958, and to witness the passion of the young people across the world for social justice – it leaves me speechless, which is probably a good idea because I think it’s a good time for old white guys like me to just shut up and listen.”

Bacon then said that he’s been taking time to understand the tensions more.

“I’ve been taking this time to first admit that I don’t have a full understanding of the life experience of people that are different than me and I will never have a full understanding of that,” he said.

Bacon said that when he was younger, he “thought he knew everything,” but with age, he’s realized that there’s much more for him to learn.

Bacon also discussed quarantine and how he’s been spending time with his wife, Kyra Sedgwick.

“We have a really small bubble, it’s really just me and her and the dog right now,” said the “Footloose” star. “We’re waking up with a lot of gratitude that we have a house, a roof over our head and food to eat and that we have each other.”

Bacon explained that he knows several people that are in quarantine alone, noting “that’s got to be a really, really difficult thing.”