Kenosha Sheriff Endorses Trump “Trump is backing the blue and we are proud to back him”

In a new Op-Ed for USAToday, David Beth, Kenosha County’s longest serving sheriff explains why he is endorsing President Trump’s reelection.

Beth cites Trump’s “swift and bold response to support our law enforcement family” explaining that the President “supported us law officers when it counted and we needed it most and I am proud to endorse him as a leader who will uphold law and order.”

Beth writes “I saw first-hand the support, gratitude and steadfast resolve our president holds for the law enforcement community. The president arrived with a plan to provide the critical resources needed to keep our community safe.”

He continues “When the violence began, we had immediately put in the call to have local and state resources respond to the situation. Many responded, but we still needed more help. This is where the president stepped up and offered us the full resources of the federal government.”

“Whatever you need, it’s coming,” the president relayed to me.”

Referring to efforts on the left to defund and demonize law enforcement, Beth writes “President Trump refuses to cave to those who continue to demonize law enforcement and scapegoat the police. He stands proudly shoulder to shoulder with the men and women of law enforcement.”

The Sheriff concludes “President Trump will never abandon law enforcement and I am confident that voters across Wisconsin and America will agree. When I entered law enforcement 38 years ago, I vowed to work as hard as I could to improve the quality of life for all citizens. I look for the same qualities in a presidential candidate, and President Donald Trump is the only one who will answer the call and stand up for the great police and sheriff’s departments, and do what is right for the American people”