Kennedy says the American people are “tired of being called a racist” because they don’t support Biden’s “woke neosocialist agenda”

Appearing on Fox News, Senator John Kennedy fired back at Georgia Democrat Hank Johnson for claiming the Senate was being “racist” for rejecting Democrats’ voting rights bill.

“The Democratic congressman, he takes his cues from his leader, President Biden,” Kennedy said. “I don’t hate anybody. I look for grace wherever I can find it. I have spent time with him. President Biden is a nice guy. He is. Is President Biden a perfect person? No. Does he try to do better every day? Also no. Therein lies the problem. He keeps trying to stuff more diapers down the toilet,”

“He goes down to Georgia two weeks ago and demonstrated raw gut racial demagoguery. And that’s what the congressman is just parroting,” Kennedy continued. “President Biden basically said to tens of millions of Americans who don’t want to have an election month — they want to have an Election Day — who believe that if you vote, you ought to have to prove you are who you say you are. He basically told all the tens of millions of Americans who believe that that they are Bull Connor, George Wallace racist.”

“Now, it offended me. It offended tens of millions of Americans,” he continued. “I was offended when Vice President harris when she was running against President Biden in the primaries, I was offended when she all but called President Biden a racist for not supporting getting 10-year-old kids up at 4:30 in the morning and busing them for two hours. Lots of Americans oppose, black and white opposed the busing. She called him a racist for it. I thought that was racial demagoguery. This is not helping our country at all. I will say this: The American people are getting pretty tired of being called a racist or a traitor or a Nazi because they don’t agree with the president’s woke neosocialist agenda. And that is why his poll numbers are on a journey to the center of the earth. And he needs to stop it,” Kennedy added.