Kayleigh McEnany returns to Twitter after being locked out, writes “I’M BACK and I will NOT be silenced!!”

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has returned to Twitter after having been locked out.

McEnany tweeted:

I’M BACK and I will NOT be silenced!!

Twitter’s goal was to silence me, but they won’t win! Looking forward to Jack being subpoenaed by @senjudiciary!

She added in a separate tweet:

I appealed Twitter’s decision to lock my account for posting a news report from @NYPost — one of the largest papers in the nation.

Twitter did not respond to my appeal but continued to lock me out until I deleted the news about @JoeBiden.

In a third tweet McEnany wrote:

“All Twitter did was succeed in drawing more attention to the Biden corruption – well done! I will now tweet more about Biden than ever before. I’m FIRED UP!”

She added “Twitter, meanwhile, can continue doing Joe Biden’s bidding with propaganda like this”

The Team Trump Twitter account, that was also temporarily suspended wrote “Hello, Twitter Jail cellmate – welcome back!”

McEnany appeared on Hannity last night to discuss being locked out.