Kayleigh argues claims of election fraud “deserve to be heard”

Appearing with Mark Levin Sunday, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany argued that claims of election fraud from those who who are offering testimony sworn under penalty of perjury “deserve to be heard.”

Kayleigh said “These Democrat secretaries of state, I can’t express enough, Mark, what they have done. I recall when our campaign lawyers came to the president, this was months ago, saying ‘Look at what they’re doing across the country. They are redesigning a system like Secretary Boockvar out in Pennsylvania saying you can receive ballots up to three days after Election Day no, they don’t have to be postmarked … “

“Then she changes her guidance and it takes Justice Alito to rebuke her. They were consistently misrepresenting their opinion, changing deadlines, designing a system to prop up Democrats and Joe Biden,” she conitnued.

McEnany argued there are not many “people who are really willing, in their own handwriting, to write down their allegation, put their name down, sign their allegation with a notary there… sworn testimony under penalty of perjury.”

She claimed “What is remarkable is the consistency with which the affidavits read of poll watchers being pushed out in Michigan, literally physically pushed.:

“One young woman called the c-word. Another one of our poll watchers, who was a man of Chinese descent, being yelled at ‘Why are you here? You’re not an American.’ And when he said, ‘I am an American,’ he was … shouted down for five minutes.”

“”These people deserve to be heard,” McEnany concluded.