Katie Hill Says She Believes She Has Coronavirus in 10-Part Tweet

In a detailed 10-part tweet, former Democrat rising star Katie Hill revealed she believes she had coronavirus and explains what happened.

Hill tweeted:

I was exposed to COVID-19. Here’s what happened. TLDR: 1) we’re not testing enough ppl to know how big this thing is; 2) if you think you’re in the clear, you’re not; 3) our healthcare system is about to be dangerously overloaded & only we can save it so #StayTheF*ckHome (1/x)

Despite what the administration is saying, tests are still in such short supply that public health departments are directing doctors to only test in very specific incidences. LA County DPH checklist here. (2/x)

I have had a dry cough, shortness of breath, & a fever since Saturday. My dad found out Saturday afternoon that he’d spent a lot of time with a person who tested positive for COVID-19. I was exposed to my dad, but I could have been way before that too… we will never know. (3/x)

So I followed the guidelines. I called the hotline, answered the questions. Was told I needed to talk to a doc based on my symptoms, got a phone appt with my primary physician and stayed home in the meantime. (4/x)

But, my doc walked my through the DPH checklist and said that, despite my symptoms, since I was not in DIRECT contact with the confirmed case, I won’t get tested UNLESS I’M HOSPITALIZED. Because my dad ALSO still hasn’t been tested and thus is not confirmed. (5/x)

I’m lucky. I’m young. I probably won’t get too sick, & I can hang out in my apartment for two weeks. But my doctor told me yes, you almost certainly have it but nothing to do except quarantine myself & if it gets worse, like I literally CANNOT BREATHE, go to the hospital. (6/x)

But ER’s around the country are warning about how they are already over capacity bc of the “worried well”. They don’t have tests (or nearly enough) in the ERs. If you go, you’ll expose yourself, transmit disease, and take up room from others. Unless you absolutely have to. (7/x)

This is just me. One person. Don’t know how long I’ve been exposed, if I actually have it, how many people I’ve in turn exposed. Never will. Will never be in the official numbers unless it gets bad enough so hopefully not. (8/x)

Now imagine how many people out there are like me and can’t get tested, or who have the virus and are carrying it and infecting others and have no idea. Our numbers are way off, and likely will be for the foreseeable future. (9/x)

So, don’t expect a test, shut yourself in, PLEASE don’t go to the hospital unless you ABSOLUTELY have to, and let’s ride this thing out together. The end. (10/10)

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