Kathy Griffin says she’ll only pray for Trump, Melania if they are “on a ventilator, for at least 5 days”

Reacting to President Trump and First Lady Melania announcing they have contracted COVID-19, anti-Trump comedian Kathy Griffin offered to pray for them on one condition

The comedian tweeted “Ok fine. I’ll pray for him and the wife on one condition. NOT mild symptoms. And they each go on a ventilator, for at least 5 days. That’s my best and final.”

One Twitter user replied “You are kinder than I am, I want the vice president to also be on a ventilator… And I think that the president and the vice president should have to share the ventilator… I do not want either one of them to die, but sadly, this is the only way they’re going to take it serious”

Another wrote “You’re to kind. I would ask for at least a month on ventilation. Then life behind bars. You see 5 days makes it possible for him to be somewhat election capable.”