Kathy Griffin rips Kayleigh McEnany, suggests her next job will involve doing sexual favors for Rudy Giuliani

Responding to Kayleigh McEnany’s Saturday tweet, anti-Trump comedian Kathy Griffin lobbed a tasteless jab at the White House Press Secretary.

Griffin wrote “Enjoy your new job as press secretary of the Rudy Giuliani YouTube channel. But remember, you’re going to have to give him a blow job at a hotel every time he asks for one.”


One Twitter user fired back “Never forget Donald Trump broke you @kathygriffin. When it mattered you weren’t brave. I don’t know why you try to talk so wrecklessly now. It’s not about politics, it’s about watch a weak person TRY to put on a front. Stop embarrassing yourself. You showed the real you.”

Another wrote “Whoa Kathy why so much hate? That’s the ugliest comment lve ever read from 1 woman to another. This is insanity the divide needs to STOP the HATE needs to STOP It’s a terrible tragedy to see gloating & horrible rhetoric you can’t possibly be this shallow or mean. I’m shocked. :(”