Kathy Griffin Admits She Resorted to Begging for Work, Also Claims She “Prevailed” Over Trump

Kathy Griffin, who famously held up a mock bloody head of President Trump in the style of ISIS and was blacklisted from several venues after, sent mixed signals in a recent USAToday interview.

On one hand, Griffin claimed she has “prevailed against the President of the United States.”

On the other she admitted she resorted to “straight-up begging” for work.

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Breitbart reports leftist actress and comedienne Kathy Griffin has admitted she resorted to “straight-up begging” for work after being widely denounced after posing for a photo in which she held President Donald Trump’s bloody and decapitated head.

Griffin made the revelations to USA Today, who she talked to in the wake of her 90-second cameo as herself on the Netflix psychological thriller You.

“I straight up was just begging for five lines on something that would be seen by people that had nothing to do with Trump, nothing that was controversial,” she revealed.

During the interview, Griffin also claimed that showrunner Greg Berlanti admitted to giving her the cameo because of all she had done for the LGBT community.

“You showrunner (Greg Berlanti) called me up, he was so nice he said, you know he’s a gay guy, he said, ‘You know Kathy after all you’ve done for the community, all these decades I’m happy to do this for you,’” Griffin explained.

Griffin, who last year complained that the experience of being hounded left her “unemployable and uninsurable,” added that she had become a different person as a result.

“While the picture has caused me a lot of duress it’s also made me global, everybody knows the crazy red-haired lady from the photo,” she said. “It has made me more fearless and I really feel strongly that whoever comes at me, they have to understand I’ve prevailed against the president of the United States.”