Kass “Biden is Toast and So is the Party of Open Borders”

By John Kass

Are you still looking for the one searing illuminated truth from the Democratic presidential debates?

That moment telling America what voting Democratic will really mean in 2020?

I’ve got it. But it wasn’t Kamala Harris (rhetorically) whipping Joe Biden. That’s what Democrats would rather focus on, because it’s easier than the inadvertently revealed truth that could doom their political chances.

They would rather cling to Harris’ dissection of Biden, and hope you do too.

It did offer great drama: a tired old white guy reduced to babbling and a younger, smarter black woman putting him in his place and finishing off his political career.

He’s toast. Even if Biden squeezes into one of her now famous “That Little Girl Was Me” T-shirts, and cries and begs mercy, he’s done.

Now that I mentioned it, I wouldn’t mind seeing him in a “That Little Girl Was Me” T-shirt.

Harris pulled him apart for cozy comments that he’d worked well in the Senate with Democratic white segregationists to “get things done.”

Harris said she really didn’t think he was a racist, then she dropped it on him, how much it hurt her that he sucked up to Southern Democratic segregationists to stop federally imposed school busing.

Then she told a story of a little black girl bused to an all-white school.

“That little girl was me,” she said.

His jaws worked up and down, his eyes got flat, his choppers seemed to enter rictus. Then it was over.

Biden was just another political fatality on the Democratic Party’s Intersectionality Highway to Hell.

The next day he ran to the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition convention in Chicago, and the Rev. Jesse Jackson let him try and clean himself up.

“Thirty to 60 seconds in a campaign debate exchange can’t do justice to a lifetime committed to civil rights,” Biden blurted.

He praised himself and former President Barack Obama and he talked the way politicians talk, his voice going up and down saying little if anything but offering a vague, impassioned vision.

He did say that he never opposed “voluntary busing.”

“Folks,” he said, “the discussion in this race shouldn’t be about the past.”

When Biden was finished, he meekly walked off the stage and tried to hug Jackson.

Just then I bet you the entire room was worried Biden might rub the reverend’s shoulders or sniff his hair the way Joe does when he tries to give comfort to strangers.

But Jackson didn’t need Biden’s comfort. And when Biden put his arms around Jackson and whispered into Jackson’s ear, Jackson didn’t return the hug.

It’ll take a few more days or so before what Harris did to Biden will take effect. But he’s not coming back from it. He can’t.

Democrats want to find someone who can take on Trump. Now they know Biden can’t.

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